Swedish cafe in west palm beach

Semlor Buns Available at Johan’s Joe, A Swedish Cafe in West Palm Beach, FL Until Easter Sunday

Every year on Fat Tuesday, or Fettisdagen, it is tradition in Sweden to consume at least one Semla Bun before the fasting period of Lent begins. Johan’s Joe, a Swedish cafe in West Palm Beach, FL is offering Semla Buns every weekend, Friday through Sunday until Easter. A Semla Bun is a soft, cardamom-flavored wheat bun filled with almond-paste, topped with whipped cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar; sometimes these buns are enjoyed with warm milk. Traditionally, they were only eaten on Fat Tuesday, and are even referred to as “Fat Tuesday-buns.” However, they are so desirable that today Semlor Buns (plural for Semla) are eaten on a daily basis from Christmas until Easter. 

Fat Tuesday serves as a day to indulge in feasts and treats before Lent, the Christian fasting period, which begins the following day and lasts until Easter. This tradition of enjoying Semlor Buns has been around since the 16th century and is still incredibly popular. However, Swedes became more lenient on the strict observance of Lent and today Semlor Buns are consumed by enthusiasts often as a seasonal celebration. Between Christmas and Easter, Semlor Buns can be found in bakeries all over Sweden. 

Johan’s Joe, a Swedish cafe in West Palm Beach, FL is now offering authentic Semlor Buns, a traditional Swedish pastry, every Friday through Sunday until Easter. Pair a Semla Bun with the Thin Mint Latte Drink of the Month for a delicious combination. Semlor Buns are available in person and they are also available for pre-order 24 hours in advance by calling Johan’s Joe at (561) 808-5090 or by emailing the store owner, Laura, at Laura@JohansJoe.com