restaurant in west palm beach turtle latte

Swedish Restaurant in West Palm Beach – Johan’s Joe Drink of the Month January 2023

Johan’s Joe restaurant in West Palm Beach offers the “Turtle Latte” as the featured drink of the month. This latte is created with a unique balance of butter pecan and mocha flavors. It has a double shot of espresso and is topped with whipped cream, pecan crumbles and a caramel drizzle. Start you day off right with a morning coffee from Johan’s Joe. Check out our full list of drinks in our online menu.

The chocolate candy, DeMet’s Turtles, have been a staple in the United States since they were created in Chicago in 1918 and sold by DeMet’s Candy Company. The classic combination of chocolate, caramel and nuts led to the creation of many other well-known candy bars we enjoy today. The shape and texture of the pecan resembles a turtle shell, which gave the candy its name.

Johan’s Joe uses the famous chocolate treat as inspiration and reinvents it as a delicious, warm or cold, latte. The base of the drink is Swedish coffee, which has a strong and full bodied taste, that is flavorful all on its own. When paired with the rich sweetness of caramel, mocha and the crunchiness of the pecan toppings, you’ll not only have your caffeine fix, but dessert in a cup! Each month Johan’s Joe creates a unique drink of the month for their guests to try. Pop into the cafe to try the drink of the month yourself.

Johan’s Joe is an authentic Swedish cafe serving coffee, baked goods, breakfast and lunch. The cafe in the heart of West Palm Beach has gluten and dairy free options so everyone in your group can enjoy a taste of Sweden. Johan’s Joes also provides catering, and the space is available for rent for you to host your next gathering in. Stay up to date with Johan’s Joe by following our social media pages.

restaurant in west palm beach turtle latte